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5 Tips for Tenant to avoid Rental Scams

So you’re renting for the first time and want to make a good impression on your potential landlord. You want them to approve your application, so you willingly provide any information requested such as a copy of your identity card,…

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Auction market an avenue for more than just distressed properties


KUALA LUMPUR (March 12): The auction market has the potential to become an avenue to market non-distressed properties with some classy and creative sales strategies, said an auction market expert. While changing the perception of auction properties as forced sales…

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What couples don’t want in a love shack

Living together is one of the biggest steps a couple can take. It’s a really big investment – not just financially, but also emotionally and physically. However, the returns can be big, if one makes the right investment. It’s important…

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Swing into 2016 with the monkey

As we enter the year of the Fire Monkey in 2016, it’s a good idea to be aware of the challenges ahead and take advantage of any opportunities that will be ripe for the pickings! BY CAITLYN NG LI YUIN A…

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