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Land in Ara Kuda, SPT - Bukit Mertajam

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For Sale - Agriculture, Land


The subject property is a 13ac agricutural land, planted with palm oil trees.

It is fronting main road and it’s 5 minutes drive from Penanti exit (Exit 1505) and 10 minutes from Seberang Jaya toll.

It is squarish in shape and relatively flat.

The nearest development is only 1.5km away, ready with medium sized factory, retail shops and residential neighbourhood (Taman Malwira).

Ara Kuda is a rural locality in Bukit Mertajam on the Penang Mainland. The area gets its name from Kampung Ara Kuda. The main road connecting it to Penanti in the south is likewise called Jalan Ara Kuda.

Ara Kuda is to the northeast of Penanti. It is across the border from Lunas to its southeast. Jalan Ara Kuda is often an empty road with forest trees on both sides, interrupted by kampung houses here and there. The main landmark in the area is Wat Rajchaphohong, which developed in the midst of the Thai settlement of Kampung Teluk Wang.

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This land is for sale by close tender.

Kindly contact below for details before 1st December 2015.

Eugene Lee

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